Volunteer with Pride

All Call For Volunteers

Pride St. Louis, Inc. is comprised completely of volunteers. We have 4 elected officers and 11 elected board members, with no paid positions within the organization. Each year, it takes over 300 committee members and volunteers to make our events and activities happen!

We are an inclusive organization that welcomes participants from all walks of life. To get involved, simply come to a meeting and join in the fun.

Pride holds a community meeting on the second Monday of every month (August through May). We meet every Monday (April through June), in order to gear up for our biggest event of the year, the annual St. Louis Pride Fest. There is no formal membership process for Pride. We welcome all who are interested to simply drop into a meeting and get involved.

We need all sorts of volunteers to help us plan the many events we host each year and I personally extend an invitation for you to fill out our volunteer interest form and join our Pride Volunteer team.

Yours in Pride,
Wolf Smith
Director of Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Events
  • Pride Trivia Night
  • Pride Royalty Pageant
  • Pride Kick-Off
  • Pride Malibu Beach Party
  • Other Pride Fundraisers

Pride Out and About

  • Pride Helping Hands
  • Concessions

Pride Fest

  • Festival Set Up
  • Festival Strike Down
  • Festival Beverage Team
  • Festival Vendor Team
  • Festival Welcome Team
  • Festival Merchandise Team
  • Festival Parade Team
  • Entry Plaza Volunteer Team
  • Festival Security Team
  • Festival First Aid Team
  • Wherever I am Needed